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Welcome to Alluring Skin Fixation

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Jamesha Jackson, originally from Memphis, TN, is the owner of Alluring Skin Fixation. It's hard to believe, but her love for esthetics didn't transpire until later on in life while completing a tour in Italy at Aviano Air Base. She served in the United States Air Force for over six years from April of 2014 to April of 2020. She had the opportunity of being stationed in Europe for her entire career. It was overseas that she fell in love with the hair removal method called waxing.

You see, growing up she didn't know much about proper skin care because that's not something that her family was into. But once she received her first wax she fell completely in love with her results.​


She separated from the military back in April of 2020 and headed back to the United States. This was around the time the Covid pandemic started and a lot of businesses had no choice but to close due to the increasing numbers of those infected. As a result she was forced to perform her own skin care services. It was then that the thought of going to school to learn more about proper skin care came into play and owning her own spa was merely an idea. She attended Empire Beauty School March of 2021 and as of November of 2021 is a licensed aesthetician dedicated to promoting proper skin care maintenance.​


Jamesha specializes in waxing and performing facials.

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